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Smiling on the way to work. . . exactly what any of us should be entitled to expect from life… How many have this chance? And above all . .. is it a Chance or can we make it happen?

I have been among those who were going to work earning my bread to put on the table.

I am today associating work and pleasure, I am meeting nice persons and I am making fabulous experiences and associating it to the fulfillment of doing what I am born for and what does feed me.

A Master in Translation Danish, Spanish, English into French, having a passion for words, I was aiming to work as a translator, in particular in literature translation.
I ended up working as Personal Assistant as a start in my career, entirely spent in the Human Resources Sector.
Life has never made any compromise with me, and each time has pushed me towards questioning myself and my goals, motivating my career changes. After a while as Personal Assistant, I have joined an Executive Search Company where I made up my paths and worked as an Executive Search Consultant.

Intellectually interesting enough to feed my passion for new knowledges and constant learning. Until life came again pushing me to question myself again.
I have taken a Coach certification, followed by a NLP Certification and by another one in SISEM (Motivation profile). And after a while testing and trying, came to the conclusion that my place is to help people develop, manage their career, become leaders, empower, communicate, reposition, … and of course, still enjoying Executive Search too!