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Executive search

If key individuals represent crucial strategic investments for the development and future of your company, it is very likely that I will have access to the highest qualified individuals.
Focusing exclusively on executive search and dedicated to helping you acquire and retain the vital human capital you need to achieve your strategic business goals, I work mainly with "non-active candidates" - people who are not actively looking for their next position..

My approach is to offer a partnership in finding the right candidate and offering a quality driven and thorough service based on methodology, rigor, deontology and discretion


  • Full Direct Approach Recruitment Service including Strategy building and presentation, Identification, Approach, Interesting, Interviewing, Client presentation and Follow up of the process until closure.

Direct search rests on the thorough mapping of the market, giving you:

  • A broad view of the competition’ status
  • Information about your competitors from “inside” sources
  • Information about how your company is seen by the market
  • the certitude that you have a full vision of all potential candidates to fill your position
  • the choice between best-in-class candidates
  • a 6 months guarantee on the hired candidate