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Dare Enterpreneurship !

A career repositioning, suffered or desired, is an opportunity to step back and ask oneself the right questions to satisfy the equation "a successful professional life taking into account inner motivations."
Discouraged by a sluggish job market, where you do not feel at the right place anymore, you are tempted to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship?
Is it a dream, a fad or a real desire that takes you to the guts?
Have you entrepreneur's DNA? What kind of entrepreneur are you?
Do you have all the characteristics (personality, qualities) and skills of Entrepreneur ? What do you need to develop?
Is it time for you to get started? What is your current reality? On whom can you count?
You want to validate the relevance of your choice by visiting its underlying reasons before embarking in its concrete realization.
After the two days, participants will have practical key to define a congruent entrepreneurial project, reconcile their deep motivations and their professional and personal development goals.
They will leave with practical answers they arise in relation to the realization of their project, in terms of actions and administrative procedures.
Day 1 and 2: Motivation, Skills, Personal Background
• Discover your motivation to work and activities that inspire you,
• Understand what is important to you (needs, values, priorities)
• Discover your talent,
• Empowerment,
• Discover potential.
Day 3 and 4: Professional project, Self Marketing and administrative procedures
• Revealing Vision, identify your mission
• Build on your Talents
• With Who ?, What ?, Who ?, Where To ?, How?
• Identity, Logo and Design, Communication, Visibility
• Who are my Customers ?
• Communicate my style
• Steps: What status and how to start?
Designed in workshop format, this day offers individual or group exercises.
Marie-Anne SALIER, Consultant, Trainer, Coach PCC
A Master in Finance, Anne Marie has 28 years of experience in the financial sector where she held various managerial positions in banking institutions in France and Luxembourg.
During her career in major international groups, she guided and coordinated the work of multi cultural teams in achieving many major transversal projects. The most successful initiatives have shown a common denominator which is implementation of motivating and empowering methods with respect for everyone.
Marie-Anne assists individuals in key moments in their careers, with the motto "the right person at the right place" , indeed, feeling “at the right place” enhances the efficiency, commitment and therefore productivity.
Professional • Certified Coach by the ICF
• Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
• SISEM Practitioner (Leadership, Recruitment and skills)
• Certified Meta profile (profiling and behavior analysis)
Virginie Scuvée, Consultant, Trainer, Coach PCC
Virginie has 18 years of experience in the Human Resources sector where she held various positions within service institutions in Luxembourg.
During her career as a Head Hunter, among others, World No. 1, Virginie has selected, evaluated and accompanied Leaders, Top Managers and Members of Board of Directors.
Virginie is particularly active in Outplacement well as Management Development and Career Reorientation. She also offers personalized coaching or group workshops for managers and leaders who want to refocus on themselves , balance their life or to develop leadership coherence.
• Professional Certified Coach by the ICF
• Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
• Practitioner SISEM (Leadership, Recruitment, skills)
• Certified Meta profile (profiling and behavior analysis)
Enrico ABITELLI, Managing Director of TRUSTIA Partners
Graduate in Economics, Enrico has developed its capabilities and expertise in the financial sector and in particular as a private banker for over 25 years, holding various managerial positions within the first Italian banking group across Europe and the USA. In 2007 he started his first entrepreneurial career in Italy, as independent financial advisor and after Luxembourg as a private consultant and CIO of a leading European provider of childcare.
Since 2012 he has been Managing Director and founding partner of Trustia Partners, a wealth advisory firm. He is also director and manager of several Luxembourg companies and through a partnership with his partners he deals.


GET « Tailor made » !

We conceive with you « Tailor made » pedagogical solutions taking into account your needs, your culture, your contexte, the public and the specificity of your company.

We help you define your training goals.

We can organize seminars, workshops, with specific themes such as interpersonal communication, conflict management, leadership, sales action.

Some examples of what we can do :




  • Adapt your communication within the professional relations
  • Forecast and manage conflicts
  • Public talks
  • Efficient meetings




  • Develop managers and team performance
  • Yearly evaluation
  • Manager Coach
  • Generations Synchronisation
  • Cross – cutting projects management




  • Art of Management
  • A space for yourself, to breathe and align



  • Sales Action




  • Create and Use an efficient Linkedin profile
  • Create and use an efficient Facebook profile




  • Get an efficient Ptich with the Business Line or the Hiring Manager
  • Draft a Job Description
  • Search Strategy
  • Candidates Identification
  • Candidates Approach and Selection
  • Efficient Interview
  • Good Communication and management of the process
  • Negociate