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Your company has to make some people redundant. You are willing to give them the best chances ever to reposition themselves. To accompany them in this delicate change period.

We accompany your employee in their strategy elaboration, helping them to be proactive in their job search. We offer a follow up, advices and prepare them for each step of the process.

We rely on proven tools such as competencies assessments and motivational assessment. We also rely on a proven methodology through coaching and proactive strategy of job search. Our specificity : we use both our expertise in career management and Executive Search methodology adapted to the job search process. A proactive and efficient strategy leading to surprising results.

We help your employee to consider this difficult stage of his or her professional life as an opportunity. We help them to get self confidence and to trust the future.

All our processes are tailor-made. Be it individual outplacement of Executive Committee or collective processes for your employees or blue –collars

We also accompany people who are about to retire.

How ?

  • A 4 stages Process from 6 to 12 months adapted to the profile of your employees allowing them to feel at ease during this transition thanks to specific tools adapted to their specific needs.
  • 1.30 hour face to face sessions.
  • Interactive workshops (optional) on specific subjects