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Find one's place not only a place

It is not only about having a career. Having a job. Or climb the levels.

It’s all about finding one’s place. Get up in the morning smiling. Feeling good with the idea to go to work. To enjoy doing what you are doing.

It’s also about to better know oneself, understand how one is functioning, how one is communicating. What are one’s talents? On which strengths one can rely to empower, become a good manager, a great leader, maybe…

Its also about better communicate with others, better understand them, better understand one’s team, one’s colleagues. Better understand on which of their strengths to rely, in order to get the best of them and achieve outstanding performance …. With fun.

It’s finally about, if repositioning, which activity suits one best.

SISEM is the only approach that allows a precise mapping of the drivers that lead our existence.

Pointing out the sources of energy that put us in motion, it reveals the dynamics that lie under the development of individuals and teams, a precious tool to enter the spiral of success and fulfil one's potential.

The SISEM was born from the observation of those that excelled in their activities.

These investigations proved that the motivation of an individual is the result of the combination of six elementary forces acting as drivers to deliver the energy that we need in order to achieve our objectives.

On the basis of this simple and practical model, it is possible to establish the driver profile of an individual and outline the favourable conditions in developing one's potential.

These recommendations prove to be very useful in terms of professional mobility and leadership development.